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Thursday, June 18, 2020 by David Herring

Demo Visitor Express


Our Video is 4 minutes long, and covering all the featues of Visitor Express. It shows both remote working and office social distancing in the work place. Visitor Express demostrates how companies using Visitor Express today provide a modern cohesive working enviroment.

Live demo

Admin access

Click here to login as an admin user use and as the email and password respectively.

Note you have add features turned on - icons down left hand side. To turn off a feature you click on admin@netfm org - in top right and select Admin from menu. Then click settings at top, and select those features you wish to disable/enable. The demo has a full complient of demo data to show each feature - these names / emails are all ficitious and even the impressive face images are computer generated. You may add more demo data / or even remove demo data. Click this api demo link and then hit post to add data and delete to remove data.

Immediately on login you are asked where you are working today, if you select onsite it then asks what form of transport you will be using. These two simple questions dervice a fully automated backend that will assign parking resources and make a desk booking for that employee. As an admin user you can view reports in front end to see how many people are onsite, and if access the presence tabel in the backend admin you can view who was onsite on any given day, to provide contact tracking reports if required.

Admin access

Click here to login as an staff user use and as the email and password respectively.

Reception View

The first view allows reception staff to see who are coming in / it can


The parking resource management automates access to all parking resources. It allows employees to book for the current week - with an immediate allow/deny response. For future weeks all employees can make reservations, but only those with permits will get them immediately granted for next week. Thus on a Friday at 3pm (time can be varied) those requesting parking for next week will have their reservations either allowed or denied on a fair use basis. Thos who had permnits will have already had their spaces allowed.

Parking Admins can deny/allow any parking requests, thus providing a overide to the automated allocation of parking.

Desk booking

uses working on site will automatically be allocated their default desk - if set. If not availabel or not set they will automatically be allocated a desk within their working Zone. If neither desk or zone is available - then they will not be allocated a desk. Admin’s can allocat desks for anyone - regardles of their working zone. DeskAdmins users can also perform this function.


Click here to see a full set of api’s for third party integrations.

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