Smart Cameras

How Smart Cameras can help to improve visitor experience

Have you ever experienced barriers letting you in and out of an airport or commercial car park just by the cameras reading your number plate? Handy isn’t it? Well, you can provide the same frictionless experience to your own visitors.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) has come a long way from just being used by law enforcement and commercial car park providers. Deploying a visitor booking and management system that has ANPR delivers benefits to your organisation and visitors.

At Visitor Express, we help our clients to create seamless visitor experiences from the moment visitors enter their car park, to when they are met at reception and collected by their host.

Visitor Express will automatically notify you as soon as your visitors enter the car park giving you advance warning and a few extra minutes to get to reception and greet your visitors as they arrive, creating immediate and lasting positive visitor experiences.

Visitor Express works with all major ANPR camera brands. If you need to add a Visitor service camera, then email for the latest installation offers we have that provide a fully installed service. Visitor Express installation services offers ANPR camera from MAV, Genetec, HiKVision, Quercus and Nedap. We ensure a local supplier is used, so ongoing hardware maintenance is covered efficient. Connection to Visitor Express is guaranteed using the Visitor Express open API service. This same service can be used free of charge for any existing cameras.

Any breaches or people where they shouldn’t be will also be flagged up so that your security team can make investigate and action appropriately. Visitor Express provides dedicated security views so that any unexpected visitors can be deal in a timely manner.

If you’re interested in finding out more about implementing a visitor management system for your organisation please get in touch today by emailing