Ben Albin

Ben joined the Visitor Express team in 2019, having recently graduated from Warick University with a degree in mathematics and statistics.

Ben brings a youthful feel to the frontend end product design which is reflected in the glowing customer reviews on the Visitor Express interface. His attention to detail in mmaking a night mode for helping security person use the interface 24x7 has been a typically example of the level to which Ben understands user interfaces.

Ben is a brilliant Vue developer and works closely with all the backend developers to ensure the API’s are supprting the best possible user interface. He is a big advocate for Elixir as a language of choice, but is also equally skilled in Python.

Ben is a very keen gym user, and maintains a very high level opf fitness. He also is a keen dog walker and enjoys the odd glass of real ale when walking his dog alongside the Thames.

Ben has made Visitor Express into the product that everyone loves and anyone can use. David Herring