John Carroll

John co-founded the Visitor Express company, coding the first version of Journey2Share. This dynamic car sharing service was adopted ny several leading mobile companies including Orange (latter to become EE).

Prior to joining the Visitor Express company John was a lead developer at Micromuse. In 2000 he was peer voted the highest rated developer in Micromuse in a poll across over 500 software developers. In fact he scored the maximum possible rating from every developer - am amazing peer accolade.

John is based in Dallas, USA and provides technical support at the highest level to American based clients. He also regular conference calls with European sites to assist in very technical integrations.

John’s enjoys sport playing golf and tennis to a good standard. He is a keen dog walker and is constantly taking his family on hikes.

John is highly skilled in numerous coding languages and has also also instrumental in developing many systems for leading tech, dotcom and software companies since the 90s to present day. With an unerring attention to detail and consistently acknowledged as an expert in his fields, John is an invaluable cornerstone of the Visitoer.Express team. Toby Ashton