Oli Warner

Oli Warner has been working on Visitor Express parking for airport customers since 2012. He has produced the Click2park module that services airport parking operators across the UK. This innovative piece of software provides both the front end customer reseveration system with integrated payment services, alongside a full managament interface for optimal parking and bus movements in busy airport enviroments. The latest addition of dynamic pricing allows parking operators to compete intelligently to both maximise their occupancy rates and whilst also maximising revenues.

Oli is well known and regarded in the open source community - google his name to see the extend to which he is credited with being a leading developer on open kiosk designs for informatics in the workplace. These skills have been used extensively when designing the displays used within Visitor Express. On experts exchange, Oli is again a lead contributer, showing just how much he gives back to the technical community.

Oli loves the outdoors, being based in Northolk he regularly is involved in country life - walking/shooting/fishing and is a keen bird watcher - a favourite being barn owls seen in Northolk on numberous occasions.

Oli is the best Django developer I have ever come across. William Young - Thintech developer @ originmarkets