Visitor.Express insures a fast visitor booking system with enhanced visitor experience including SMS messaging, ID badge printing or mobile phone digital pass access. On site vehicle access is fast, with reduced security roles, analytics and enhanced car park occupancy. Visitor.Express streamlines visitor management and parking into one simple user web application.

Rolls-Royce have a Visitor Express Enterprise service that integrates two major sites using 8 MAV smart cameras and 3 large high definition all-see infomatic displays. All employees and visitors are presented with clear ‘where to park’ instructions on entry. In addition security guards have real time tablet displays of all parking and entry breaches. These may include unknown vehicles entering site, known vehicle in out of contect location, or wrong occupancy count for a known vehicle. This allows security to provide an infomed presence across both campuses to provide maximum site security.

For more information and a demonstration of Visitor Express parking management, please call 01344 289884 Web: Visitor.Express Email:

Rolls-Royce is a global brand with operations in 30+ countries, Visitor Express Enterprise ensures our employees and clients are secure whether they may be working. — Rob Walker

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