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Meet and Greet

Reception interface

Modern responsive interface for reception staff gives a professional service that enhances your visitors experience on arrival with a fast people friendly service.

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Site Security

Who is on site

Real time reporting of who is on site with platform alerting to security when an unknown vehicle or visitor arrives. Night mode supports a 24x7 operation by working with smart cameras, entry controllers and virtual reception points for complete coverage.

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Virtual Reception

Tablet self Service

Smart check-in and check-out tablet peforms reception duties providing an integrated customer experience with Visitor Express for follow up appointments. The appointment calendar is displayed directly on your website providin a professional customer experience that enhances your service.

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Car Share

Car Share fopr employees

Reduce congestion and maximise parking with car sharing maps available to users of Visitor Express. Automated formation of car share groups via proximity and links with all major messaging platforms

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Control Parking Access

Organisations with limited parking resources can immediately benefit from Visitor Express parking providing an automated reservation service bases upon a fair use algorithm fair. For enterprise customers this extends to pay parking services which incorporate the Click2park module as used by airport parking operators.

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Room Booking

Adding a room resevation service

All meeting rooms can be added to provide a calendar based easy to use booking service, which supports both QR code access and tablet displays. This allows fast setup for a booking service for all your meeting rooms with option to install simple QR codes at all access points or wall tablets to access the reservation system at points of entry.

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Fire Evacuation

Using the call to muster service

In an emergency Visitor Express can allow a message to be sent to all onsite personel. This can be in for form of a survey such that a response is required.

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Changing your theme for Visitor Express

Switch between light and dark mode per your own preference. Enterprise customers may further customise theming to fit with company branding.

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Integrate directly with third party applications like slack and Oulook

You can link Visitor Express directly with your Microsoft Active directory service



Email and SMS notifications

Chose betwenn email and/or SMS notifications for push updates to both visitors and employees supported directly from the application.

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Internationisation is built into Visitor Express

The application has been built ground up with natural language support, such that a language module for transalations can be added. Visitor Express will support Englisgh and Spanish language sets, with French being the next one to be added.


Mulitple Sites

Large Enterprise setup

Have multiple reception areas with simultaneous access to visitor data with different geographic regions of your organisation.

Enhanced Enterprise

Lanyard Printing

Adding a printer

Add a modern reusable lanyard printer for on site security using the latest printers from Evolis.



Holding a one off event and need to do a mass invite.

Visitor Express supports the mass adding and messaging of visitors for one off hosted event managament.


QR Codes

Easy room reservations

Removes requirement for expensive tablets as source for room booking control, allows all users to directly access these controls from their mobile device.

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