Car Sharing

Visitor Express provides the Journey2Share car sharing features for all products, including the Visitor Express Essentials free service.

It works by providing all employees who wish to car share with an immediate map of all other car sharers within their organisation. This allos for instant identification and messaging within your employees to arrange car sharing.

The Visitor Express platform integrates with all common mesaaging platforms - email, SMS, Slack and WhatsApp. This allows easy setup of car share groups which can be automated on a proximity basis of using a radial sectors algorithm from the common place of work.

In addition car sharers can be incentivised by allowing them prioprity parking - the simplest and most effective way to promote car sharing within your organisation.

Set up

No setup required ! All users will immediately see other car sharers once they have selected this option in their profile, and provided their home postcode (never displayed). They will immediately appear on the live maps!