Parking control

Visitor Express allows you easily automate the control access to your parking resources on a fair use basis for both employees and visitor parking. Organisations that have fewer parking spaces that employees wishing to park can make immediate use of this feature.


First within the admin you specify the number of parking spaces your organisation has for both employees and/or visitors. You can add multiple carparks here too, but for now lets just setup for our main HQ car park.

That is all that is required!

The system will automatically allow al employees to request parking for the current week and these will be granted on an immediately who booked first basis. Employees can also *request parking for next week and future weeks beyond. By default requests are granted by administrators from within the admin interface. This is manual allocation mode. Organisations can elect to fully automate this with their own custom rules, such as weighted on distance travelled and fair usage for all. These are given as parking allocation rules, we provide manual,fair usage - those having had the least parking time prioritised first, and weighted distance - those travelling further prioritised first. The rules can be modified and as complex as you like, just submit them on gitlab and a visitor express developer will put these into a new parking allocation option within your admin area. Full details of these allocation algorithms are given below.

For those wishing to provide payment services for parking, Visitor Express Enterprise offers the Click2Park module. This can be tailored for airport parking or pay as you go services and employee based contribution payments. You Visitor Express customer experience plan will document these options in a manner tailored for your organisation as part of the initial site survey.

Manual allocation

Employee will be able to immediately see the parking resource within the front end, and can make reservation requests to park Mon to Friday on a half day granularity. Once a request to park has been made, this is is immediate available to see in the admin interface.

Fair usage allocation

The system works on a fair use algorithm that allocates all the parking requests for next week on the following basis:-

  1. Priority to those who have have special needs
  2. Those who have have had the least amount of parking in current week, and next week inclusive.

Weighted distance allocation

The distance travelled to work is used to determine the order in which parking requests are allocated for next week. All parking allocations for next week are made at 3pm on a Friday - so everyone knows what parking they can use the following week. Current week is still immediately bookable.

Organisations can use this algorithm to incentivise car sharing, by doubling the distance for car sharers when making this allocation.