Quick start - Virtual Reception

Chose you Visitor Express product

  1. Essentials - FREE - allows you to see _all_the features of Visitor Express, and alllows upto 100 visitor reservations per month.

  2. Unlimitedt - Chose this is you wish to setup a virtual reception tablet. Also allows you to setup parking controls for employee parking.

  3. Enterprise - Chose this option if you would like a Visitor Express customer experience plan taylored for your organisation. You will gain immediate access to all features and we will contact you with 48 hours to arrange an initial site survey.

Sign up

The sign up process is available from https://visisitor.express/start. It takes less than two minutes and provides you with immediate access to the service on a personal URL. Enterprise customers will get their own domain name , documented in their customer experience plan.

Add employees

Invite fellow employees to use Visitor Express by adding their emails to the invite list in admin. You can quickly see who has accepted the invite, and when necessary resend this invites from here.

Creat a Visitor Reservation

Create a visitor reservation so you can see how the frontend reception view functions and also see the mobile friendly inteface that is presented to your visitors.

Add a Virtual Reception tablet

Using your chosen tablet device, browse with it to https://.visitor.express/screen/ and you will be presented with a setup code. Then from a desktop go to the admin area and click on screens to see this device will have already been created. From here you can set this a a virtual recption screen, and immediately the tablet will display the checkin/check-out inteface for your organisation. You can setup multiple virtual reception tablets, and centrally manage them from this admin interface.

Thats it !

Have a break, and when ready you might like to next:-

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