Room Booking

Visitor Express unlimited customers can add a room booking service. This will allow all meetings rooms to be accessible to all employees with a easy to use calendar interface to make / amend and see current bookings. In addition there are options to add QR codes to rooms such that anyone can scan thewse with their mobile device to see the current room booking status for that room. Those wishing to add wall mounted tablets for room booking services can provide the same functionality without the user having to use their own device to access this interface.

Set Up

First add rooms with descriptive names to the admin interface. Those with a large number of rooms can use the api inteface to automate this process.

As soon as a room is added, it will immediate;ly become visible in the Visitor Expres interface. All employees with given room booking rights will immediuately be able to self book and manage these room resources.

QR code access

The admin interface provides the option to print smart stick on wall codes for each room. These will allow all emloyees to scan these ata point of entry and see the that particular rooms booking status. It also provides fast links to the nearest available room, for those wishing to make a immediuate reservation.

Tablet setup

Those wishing to add room booking tablets to provide visual status of a rooms booking status need to have admin access. With the chosen tablet device browse to and note the access code displayed. Then on a desktop access the admin area and select that display a a room booking monitor for the chosenb room. Thats all. You can now wall mount the tablet to provide a toiuch scree interface at point of entry.

Note Visitor Express Enterprise customers can have these installed by Visitor Express employees, the selection of devices and mounting options will be documented in the Visitor Express customer experience plan.