About Us

Who are we?

NetFM was founded in 1997 by David Herring, born out of NetFM in 2002 came Visitor Express created with the single goal of providing car share solutions to mobile phone users. What started as relatively small has grown over the last 20 years to become a vastly enhanced software portfolio that includes car parking management, airport parking and complete visitor and workplace management solutions and is being delivered to a mix of corporate, blue chip, NHS & local government clients.

The company ethos has always been to use highly skilled UK based individuals - be those our top notch software development engineers, or our stellar account managers, each has a mission to design and deliver intuitive, cost-effective and dynamic systems; tailoring core software to meet clients' diverse business requirements, working practices and internal policies.

The first Visitor Express installation was at Greenham Common (previous home to the nuclear warheads) where Toby, one of our account managers, was asked to work in a very small room in an underground chamber whilst the management of Greenham crowded in to inspect the new service.

Vodafone WASP - Wireless Application Service Provision was our second installation, once again it was Toby who found himself in not the most comfortable of environments having to climb (safety assisted) to the top of a silo tower to fit the aerial for the first SMS car sharing service.

We have come a long way since those first installs, but try to retain the sense of adventure and ‘can do’ attitude for all our new clients.

We encourage remote/travel working. Currently (Nov 2021) one of our key developers is working whilst also rock climbing in Turkey. In fact we have a bit of a rock climbing tradition at our meetups.

By design we have a very mathematical skilled workforce, with many staff holding degrees in this subject from leading UK universities. We really enjoy challenges and are always looking to diversify our workforce. If you would like to join us, start by finding your own solution to project Euler problem 758.

It’s not all take without any give at Visitor Express and we are rewarded. Nici, our Director Customer Operations, tries to send out something 'fun but useful’ twice a year. Gifts have ranged from funky water bottles to wall art signage - you never know quite what might turn up at your door out of the blue!

Visitor Express - agile and instinctive, join us as we continue to grow and innovate...