WorkSpace & VisitorSpace Management

Integrating Facilities Management with IT solutions to provide safety, wellbeing and productivity for employees and visitors.

Visitor Express - Get Started

Email with a subject of "Get started" and we will do the rest.

Our Promise...

We will setup a fully featured free Visitor Express service with 48 hours of initial contact.

We will provide one days remote or onsite training within the first two weeks of the pilot (UK and USA only for onsite).

We will provide any hardware at zero cost for the pilot and only charge installation costs where needed for QR code readers and ANPR cameras.

We will integrate with existing management products and legacy hardware with minimal upfront cost.

Zero touch
Zero Admin
Minimal Infrastructure

Our Guarantee...

We will be good on our promise and will charge zero licensing costs until the Visitor Express service has met all your WorkSpace and VisitorSpace requirements.


Integrated WorkSpace & VisitorSpace Management Solutions

Create a smarter workspace that is efficient, cost-effective and COVID safe with our zero touch and zero infrastructure systems.

Desk Booking & Sanitisation

Manage Desk & Meeting Room Occupancy. Monitor cleaning programs.

  • Smart, zero touch corporate web reservation system.
  • Enable self-booking, restrict to zones / floors or allocate workstations.
  • Full occupancy / capacity reporting with internal Track & Trace.

  • Desk-booking

    Zero-Touch Visitor Management

    Pre-register Visitors & book Meeting Rooms with Zero-Touch Check-in.

  • Allow Employee Hosts to book visitors, rooms and parking - with Reception / Security views.
  • Zero-Touch Check-in across multiple manned / unmanned reception points.
  • Supports ID Card printing, Visitor Profiles, Full Reporting & SMS Visitor Arrival Alerts.
  • Manage Employee & Visitor Parking

    Control Parking Resources with live occupancy data and full Reporting.

  • Manage Employee Permits and Support fair share automated Employee Parking.
  • Pre-Book & Monitor Visitor Parking plus Visitor Confirmation & Arrival Alerts.
  • Optional Access Control with integrated ANPR, Barriers and Digital Signage.
  • Parking

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