How careful parking management can help to boost satisfaction for office-based employees

Louise Burke

It’s an all too familiar tale I’m sure, Monday morning and you pull into your office car park only to be greeted with no free parking spaces. Pure frustration and the working day hasn’t even started yet! You may not know but typically, general office business space has a 40% limit on parking spaces for employees and for call centres this planning target reduces to 35%. Consequently, car park management is critical in ensuring that the modern office operates smoothly without people unable to park, or having parking spaces that remain unnecessary empty. Help is at hand though.

Visitor.Express incorporates the latest car park management expertise found in the already proven airport parking models of our flagship Click2Park product so that both employee and visitor parking can be occupancy managed. Essentially what this means is that employees can be given needs-based time restricted parking permits on a fair use basis while also allowing the ad hoc reservation of parking spaces for those situations that require an immediate booking.

Employees can access the Visitor.Express mobile application to see occupancy data and make reservation alterations while on the move. The smart camera integration ensures that reservations are used, and automatically releases those that are not taken up delivering a fair and dependable parking solution to all employees.

There’s a net positive result for employees and employers alike: an increase in employee satisfaction when coming into work who are safe in the knowledge that there is a parking space for them and for employers no time is lost trying to find parking on arrival to no disruption to the working day or loss of productivity.

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