Meeting Room Booking

Maximise meeting room and collaboration space utilisation

Our latest open android devices look perfect for a modern room booking service and are backed by QRcode reading technology for hands free operation - perfect for the 21st century office.

Seumas Marr
Account Manager, Visitor Express

  M  Meeting Room Booking Features

Mobile app for meeting room bookings

Search for room availability

One click from app to find a meeting room with the facilities required.

Zero hardware costs

Reservations can be made directly from mobile app and enhanced further by Smart QR codes that allow one click booking.

Zones for employee and visitors

All internal resources are mapped directly from office plans, allowing zoned access control.

Auto pre-register visitors and book parking

Visitors get messaged their parking prior to arrival and hosts get alerted on their arrival. Requires ANPR integration.

Catering support

With the Visitor Express payment solution you can order directly from the single app ensuring cash free transactions with full VAT receipts.

Integrated alerts

Visitor arrival alerts to hosts and security. Alerts can be direct notifications to the Visitor Express app, or via SMS alerts or emails when not time critical.

Track and trace

Visitor profiles, usage reporting and Track&Trace. The QR code presence monitors allow zero touch tracking of employees and visitors with preset zones.

Teams and Zoom meeting integration

Visitor Express allows meeting room bookings to incorporate video conference links with calendar updates to google calendars and Outlook calendars supplied in invites.