How do we help ?

The earth really doesn’t need us but we desperately need the earth so let’s not forget who depends on who. Remembering this is at the core of everything we do at Visitor Express. Our first car-sharing software, Journey2Share, launched in 2002 had the explicit aim of reducing the number of cars on the road and decreasing CO2 emissions. Next came the launch of Click2Park, a system designed to optimise carpark utilisation and increase travel efficiency. In our continued effort to go green, our new software encourages paperless digital passes, zero touch operations, reduces infrastructure by using existing devices and limits the need for hardware.

On hardware installations we favour UK manufacturers. We are using MAV cameras for ANPR integrations, for pay stations we integrate with Metric and for automation of bespoke devices we use UK manufactured PI based controllers. Sometimes the UK manufacturer costs slightly more, but we feel this is a price worth paying for great sustainable Visitor Management.

Our eco-friendly philosophy extends beyond our products. All of our hosting is done through OUH, a TÜV certified business which draws 100% of its energy from CO2-free hydropower, one of the cleanest energy sources available. We are a team that works remotely encouraging a low carbon-footprint across all our departments. We keep everything online where possible, using minimal printing and minimal transport. If we can do demonstrations and presentations online, we do. If we do have to travel, we go local. Local accountants, local marketing consultants, local designers, local developers, local cafes for meetings, local hotels for product demonstrations.

Reaching out, we are in the progress of becoming a sponsor for the World Land Trust. We all wish to see a UK rich in woods and trees. Benefits of rewilding are also supported directly by allowing all Visitor Express staff to take time out to support local rewilding projects. Rewilding holds amazing benefits for people, nature and the climate - we are proud to get involved.