Corporate parking, Scan to Pay services and airport parking solutions

A simple app using our fair share algorithm is all you need for corporate parking that is both environmentally and employee friendly

James Blackwell
Sales Manager, Visitor Express

  P  Parking Features

Easy parking management from a single mobile app.

ANPR installation

We install and maintain a wide range of ANPR cameras, with integration to smart parking payment and reservation services.

Smart digital signage

We install and maintain a wide range of digital signage for both car parks and in house reception views.

Zones for employee and visitors

All car parks are mapped and controlled by zones within Visitor Express, allowing for separate rules/costings for different user groups.

Auto pre-register visitors and payment via mobile app

Visitors get messaged their parking prior to arrival and hosts get alerted on their arrival. If visitors are required to pay for parking, then this is sent prior to their arrival.

Airport parking operators

Visitor Express is used to provide the off site parking at Glasgow, Manchester and Gatwick airports. The Airport Park and Ride service is used by over 100,000 customers and is run by Visitor Express software.

Integrated alerts

Visitor arrival alerts to hosts and security. Alerts can be direct notifications to the Visitor Express app, or via SMS alerts or emails when not time critical.

Track and trace

Visitor profiles, usage reporting and Track&Trace. The QR code presence monitors allow zero touch tracking of employees and visitors with preset zones.

No barrier parking

Visitor Express allows you to initially incorporate existing hardware; migrate to app driven parking. The goal being to dramatically reduce maintenance costs.