Zero Touch - Beating Covid-19

James Blackwell

Touch screens for access and room booking controls are flawed when it comes to health and safety.

Visitor.Express can upgrade your barrier entry and building entry software controls to use the zero touch controls. These state of the art Visitor.Express smart check points allow employees and visitors to control all functions they are permitted to access from their own mobile device.

This eliminates many common points of physical contact within the workplace.

Visitor.Express has been extended with remote working functionality.

This allow facilities to see at a glance who is onsite and who is currently remote working. It allows meeting room bookings to integrate seamlessly with conferencing for remote workers using common platforms such as google meet and zoom.

Knowledge of key workers being onsite and when is critical throughout this lock down period.

If you have any concerns or questions please email, we will do all we can to assist in a safe manner.